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Welcome To Avant Kreations!

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

My name is Kaitlynn and I've been a makeup artist for somewhere around 5 or 6 years. I first started playing with makeup as a dancer and performer in local theater. I was later inspired by youtuber Mykie from Glam and Gore and television series Faceoff, to learn about special effects makeup. Fast forward to now, I am almost 22 years old, and I've just recently become a graduate from the Tom Savini makeup program at Douglas Education Center in Pennsylvania, my home state.

You may be wondering (or maybe not, you could've stumbled across a button on a website and stuck around out of boredom) what is this blog all about? Well, I'll do my best to explain why I've suddenly decided to use my makeup degree to write a bunch of words into some paragraphs. As an artist there is always a creative process and a physical process when it comes to our work. In this blog I want to explain my mental process of why I am creating something and the physical process. Here I will tell you about the inspiration for my work, the products used, and my method as to how I am doing it.

Now this may seem trivial to any normal human being,

but you aren't normal, because you ended up here reading this introductory blog about me. I will be uploading a new blog hopefully every other week, so roughly twice a month. So, thank you for reading and supporting me in my work. I hope you continue to follow along this crazy journey with me!

Until next time,

Kaitlynn :)

P.S. This is my cat Zelda and yes, she will be making appearances in this blog.

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