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Hi! My name is Kaitlynn Farnham, I am the artist behind Avant Kreations. Art has always been such a large part of my life growing up. I started with fine arts at a young age and progressed into makeup as I got older. Unlike most young girls, I didn't have anyone around me to show me the ropes, so I had experimented with products and looked toward videos and Television shows to learn. I soon grew to have a love for avant garde, beauty, theatrical, and special effects makeup. 

This love for the makeup industry led me to continue my schooling, attending a school specialized in special makeup effects. Once there I was able to refine my cosmetic skills and learn many other skills such as sculpting, mold making, foam making, prop building, air brushing, scenic painting, prosthetic application and design, eye and teeth fabrication, and more. 

I have continued to build, create and design in props and makeup. I enjoy working in theatrical and editorial makeup, creating characters and reimagining the limits of makeup. I also enjoy creating costumes and food props. 

Avant Kreations was created out of my love for the limitless opportunities in Avant Garde art. I firmly believe makeup to be limitless and for boundaries to be pushed within. Makeup and its respective industry are so much more than what is typically assumed in my opinion.

My artwork reflects an analytical view of social, environmental, and political issues. I often reference high fashion, exploring ideas of chaos against beauty and the unusual. My process includes inspiration from the works of artists like Rick Baker, Greg Nicotero, Dick Smith and many more. I use real anatomy references of humans and animals to ensure a realistic nature in my work. I strive for realism, heavily focusing on small intricate details to entice the viewer.

Having engaged subjects like pollution, wildfires, global warming, and endangerment of various animal species, my work expresses concerns in society by contrasting the desire for beauty and the harsh reality. It is important to me, for my work to make the viewer feel something whether it be admiration or “awe”; I take pride in my work inspiring emotion. Each project often contains materials that are repurposed, found, or “kit bashed”, reflecting personal values with environmental wellness. My work is always grounded in moral, emotion and aesthetics.

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